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• 10/25/2016

RP idea

I have an idea of what we could do for an RP like i said to you on THDF, we could have a story about a group of Ibie'shan Kig-yar scavangers which end up getting captured by ONI, i also have an idea that this RP could go to ways: 1) They find a way to escape but knowing ONI security it would be nearly impossible to escape but there still might be a chance, 2) They try there hardest to escape but it ends up being unsuccessful Or they dont know how to escape and they are left to the mercy of ONI.
If we go through with this RP it will be in two sections the first one will be character development so you get to know what each other are like and then the secound section will be on the ONI base
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• 3/23/2016

Returning from retirement.

Its been a loooooong time since their was any adventure for me in the halo universe to make a personal appearance. Dew to mostly 4rth wall reasons (no one joining my RPGs) I had to retire from treasure hunting and from piracy and war faring. This has consisted for well over a year and most of the galaxy doesn't even remember me. But now, I have you. I have a chance to return to doing what Kig-yar are meant to do, striking fear into the hearts of our enemies and looting them of the spoils of war. But what enemies do we have these days? Hear are the list of candidates from most important to least.
Number one: Cortana. Yes now that halo 5 is done and over cortana is the best candidate for our enemy. Her power is out of control, she will surly get in our way during treasure hunts as she now controls what's left of the forerunner empire. Their are 3 hands to fighting cortana, on one hand a fight with her yields the most spoils, as anything in her military we defeat yields forerunner artifacts weapons and technology we can use to improve our military and colonial gain. On the other hand its also the most risky, as she has many forerunner things we have yet to discover a proper defense againced, and her military power means only shot burst attacks followed by hiding to insure not being out numbered and out gunned by retaliating forerunner fleets. On the 3rd hand we may not have a choice, as facing her may be a matter of survival and not facing enslavement. As most forerunner artifacts are not yet revealed in halo canon and they never reveal it unless humanity claims it this is a very high priority for fan fiction.
Number 2: ONI. Yes those bastards are a threat to all. Human, non human, what ever, they are manipulative and they are above any law in their own empire. Fighting them may mean getting dirty and the best way to fight them is through battles of reputation and who's truth marches on, but they are a threat to staying on top in competing for forerunner treasure, and they have a large amount of goods to loot. The worst they can throw at us is Spartan 4s and their pride ship the infinity, both of which we have the capacity to be more then a match for. The only real disadvantage to facing them is it risks a war with the sword of sangheilios. The number one advantage to fighting oni is a chance to glass Argent moon.
Number 3: Sapient Sunrise. Although with out cortana its arguable they belong as number 1 rather then number 2, they are only number 2 on the list of major threats to the galaxy. Their only motivation is to never forgive for the human covenant war, pretend humanity could have survived with out the help of the arbiter, and rally enough troops to start a genocidal campaign againced anything that isn't human. The advantages to seeking them as prey for piracy is we gain the unsc and the sword of sangheilios as allies. The only downside to facing them is their is absolutely 0 information regarding them out side an episode of hunt the truth, this leaves fan fiction as the only means of facing them.
What do you think we should do for RPs? tell me your thoughts hear.
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