A Treasure Hunt For A Dock

Not the most creative name for it, but going by all 0 feed back suggestions I have decided to make this wikias first RP to fit them.

Plot: Among the nation one of the Kig-yar scouting ships has discovered a forerunner shield world. It is the size of a Jupiter like planet, how ever dew to being hollow and using forerunner anti gravity tec it has 3/5ths the gravity of earth. Our mission is to assume a fleet of humans are already on their way over and try to get their first. The treasure we are after is the possibility of forerunner ships in mint condition to use.

Mission description: Claim the forerunner shield world and all that is their in. Keep in mind we have neither human allies nor huragok to get past anything with "reclaimers touch access" so if it comes down to it, we will have to simply destroy the shield world to keep humanity from getting ahold of it instead. Do this only if absolutely necessary.

Rules: Short and simple, don't do anything in this RP that the members of Bravo's Adventures think I do in an RP.

As we continue on we will face useal enemies of forerunner life presurves to insure the survival of the flood, possible Prometheans, monitors and sentinels, etc. Remember forerunner A.I.s will not have any love for us, as shown in one of the halo C.E.A. terminals.

Begin when ready.