Train Troops, and lead an army to victory!

You can build your own faction, either a human faction or a covenant faction of any kind your hearts desire. You start with only 30 solders with no armor and no weapons, and slowly leveling up. Your solders get 10 experience points for dying in battle, but they get 450 experience points for killing an enemy in battle. Use your experience points to give your army weapons, armor, or get more solders. You start with a space boat class dropship and with experience points slowly build up your navy. Their are a selection of levels you can choose to go to at any time to do battle. Your own solders do not respawn until the battle is over. And once the level is exited all enemies in the level respawn. Enemies do not respawn if you choose to build a base and stay but you can only have a base on one level and then their is the possibility of being attacked. If you leave the level your base auto self destructs and next time it shows the same enemy with the self destructed base on the map. This is to insure the game cannot be finished. Each time you travil to a different level you first go through open space, which results in a space level, and going to a level always mean a battle.

Level 1: [[1]] Required level: [[2]]

Level 2: [[3]]

Level 3: [[4]]

Level 4: [[5]]

Level 5: [[6]]

Level 6: [[7]]

Level 7: [[8]]


1: Your Faction.

2: Unsc allied to ONI

3: ONI allied to UNSC

4: Random human faction one

5: Sword Of Sangheilios, allied to ONI and UNSC

6: Random covenant faction 1

6: Random human faction 2

8: Random covenant faction 3

9: Random human faction 3

10: Random covenant faction 4

Begin with Char card when ready. I may add more levels later on.