Beam rifle
Beam rifel

The favorite rifle type weapon of Lord of the Stars and in the possession of most of his forces this gun has 10 times the range and does 7 times the damage of the covenant version. Appearing identifiable to the halo 3 type this anti tank rifle of a Kig-yar weapon has a magazine of 28 shots before the battery needs recharged. Skilled marksmen have been known to practice on flies and even used this weapon to intercept shots from rocket launchers grenade launchers and fuel rod launchers aimed at them. Though this is not impressive as from the sniping range its smarter to dodge such incoming shots rather then wasting ammo on them. This weapon was made to compete with the unsc sniper rifle of halo reach and 3. Its sniping scope can allow a user to see 34% farther then a unsc sniping scope can, and with a hud scope and Kig-yar eyesight riflemen are one of the deadliest of the Kig-yar. The scope also comes with thermal vision promethean vision and lighting adjustment to see better in places to dark or bright. Dew to the great wealth of Lord of the Stars this weapon can easily be employed to every Kig-yar in ground forces if need be. And they are usually armed with the following of at least 1 long ranged weapon 1 mid range weapon 1 melee weapon and a point defense gauntlet in cause it is needed. Though beam rifles are usually used by Kig-yar lone and/or scattered or in spread out units when close together in big numbers and preforming a fusillade the preferred weapon then is Lord of the Stars second favorite weapon, the focus rifle.