Costal mimic world

Part of the empire governed by Lord of the Stars and his mate this planet has a very salty ocean full of whales fish squid and clams, and the forests are teaming with mammals birds and reptiles, and during a rain slugs fish worms and amphibians walk on the land in great herds only to disappear as suddenly as the rain stops. On Costal World the continents are massive but broken up into many narrow sections that allow ocean to come between them, and the parts of the continents with out this have either millions of massive fresh water lakes or rivers. The temperature is slightly cooler then earth with much glaciation around the polar regions. It rains quite very often, and their are massive beaches and forests all over.

History: This planet was discovered aprocamently 16 months ago by the Kig-yar and claimed as a territory. Their are no forerunner artifacts on it.

Colonization: Colonization of the planet is limited only to exactly 78 fortresses on the ground and 15 orbital space stations. Aside from this it is used both as a wild life preserve one year and a hunting ground the following. Additional colonization are limited only to mining camps and hunting camps.

Level of welcome to out siders: No matter the species so long as not from a enemy faction space faring travelers are by law welcome to visit this planet. How ever the visit is limited to
  • Hunting to feed the crew of a ship: Yes
  • Exeno biological studies: Yes
  • Landing just to have a picnic on the beach: Why not?
  • Camps: Yes
  • Building a legitimate base town or city: Act of war.

The other terrestrial bodies in the star system also have Kig-yar resource camps appearing every once in a while.