"If you ever mess with kig-yar, and one comes at you more fearless then you expected, fights like 3 sangheili, goes down swinging leaving you feeling very lucky to be alive, and in his clutches you see that blade, that blade like no other kig-yar have, you know He is coming for you. Just quite, run away, give up while you are still alive. Their is no hope of beating him."~ a anonymous enemy of Lord of the Stars traumatized by the battle he had somehow survived.

Signature veryant of blamite cutlasss

This energy cutlass is special, during the days Lord of the Stars was more warm hearted tword humanity as a way of saluting them he ordered the making of this blade in the image of the cutlass used by human pirates during the golden age of the Atlantic. The blade made of a energy crystal stronger then diamonds and more powerful then plutonium, over the blade goes the same plasma used by a sangheilis sword, and when countering a attack one can activate the final layering, a layer of hardlight for defense. Like all energy cutlasses it can super comb and explode like a target full of needler rounds, only it can be done intentionally or remotely, when going off has the force of 45 needle rifle rounds at once. When being used as a long term melee weapon when the battery drains no longer giving it plasma or hardlight layers the last of the power is reserved so it can still explode if the user chooses. With out the energy sword layers its crystal blade can still slice through even steel pipes like their tomatoes. Once the blade goes dull its blunt attacks can still cause a concussion. Its use becomes useless once the crystal blade has received enough damage theirs risk it may break, in which case its best to repair it or detonate it. If the blade breaks the pieces are as unpredictable as needler rounds plucked out of a surviving shooting victims flesh.

Counter parts: Sangheili energy sword, unsc titanium machete, shotgun, combat knife.
Eras: post human covenant war.
Aphiliation: Lord of the Stars pirate military forces.
Weapons type: close quarters.