Better upgreaded superior brand blamite-Crystal spear

Also known as the energy spear this weapon was invented in case the kig-yar while on a treasure hunt run into a juggernaut flood form. When thrown this weapon sticks into the flesh of the enemy and super combs with the force of 7cold war anti tank grenades. That way such surprises are less threatening. When in use as a melee weapon rather then as a grenade the energy spear has plasma batterie generators designed to bend plasma around the spearhead to give maximum penetration. The handle having a high melting point can though for a very short time withstand blows from a sangheili energy sword. However duel wielding energy swords can add up the damage cutting through in less then 12 seconds. This light reliability as a melee weapon however is because its not meant to be used as a melee weapon, its meant to be thrown. When detonated in a enemy the plasma battery is used as a plasma grenade, detonating along with the supercombing pink crystal. Like with all melee blamite weapons in Lord of the Stars forces the energy crystal and the batteries are connected. This weapon is great used behind a kig-yar point defense gauntlet. Dew to being light weight and well balanced the throwing range is pretty far for what it looks.