Eayn, the moon of the gas giant Chu'ot orbiting the star Y'dio is the place of origin of the Kig-Yar. It has 3 continents and a vast ocean on which the ancestors of the Kig-Yar sailed the seas as pirates. Its climate is tropical with little to no glaciation at the polar caps.

  • Wildlife: Unfortunately the original franchise owners-Bungie-the current owners 343i and the master minds Microsoft where either to stupid or to human worshiping to add wild life to Eayn, this is what caused some Kig-Yar such as Lord of the Stars to become self aware and despise their creators. Thanks to the computer expert Unggoy ally now that we have this wikia, that is where fan fiction comes in. At the moment the only known life forms to come from Eayn even to Kig-Yar, as well as a type of melon that is delicious when consumed.