Heavy defense gauntlet

The Heavy Defense Gauntlet is the strongest Kig-yar shield class. This shield when activated appears the same as any other energy shield gauntlet from the front, but the energy shield is 45 times stronger then the typical defense gauntlet shield used in Lord of the Stars forces. Also like the other defense gauntlet in Lord of the Stars forces it has withstand mode, which is a moment of invincibility where even plasma launcher balls will not stick. This shields energy shielding also has 3 layers and like regular defense gauntlets in Lord of the Stars forces it has a cloaking mode, allowing users to appear invisible from the front. When the energy shield collapses by continues fire the projector is a strong metallic gauntlet shaped just like the energy fields that go over it. This shield has 4 layers of strong mettle with 3 cooling gel impact layers between them. The damage they can with stand is 5 shots from a unsc sniper rifle or anything that adds up to that amount of damage before they are to damaged for the energy shield to come back online. In all they can with stand the equivalent damage of 12 shots from the unsc sniper rifle or anything on par. After this any shot from any weapon will go through and hit the user, and it is their for good for nothing but to be tossed away. The biggest disadvantage to using these is that they weigh 16 pounds, and thus require a strong armed user over extended time.