Point defense

Modeled after the one used by covenant Kig-yar in halo 3 the Kig-yar point defense gauntlet used by the forces of Lord of the Stars has 800HP and has the double notched edges that much resemble the Trojan shields of earth. Having been upgraded with forerunner artifacts these shields also come with a withstand setting they can use just like the hardlight shield of halo 4. Giving a momentary invincibility. Unlike the weaker covenant version which breaks when being meleed the point defense gauntlets in Lord of the Stars forces are specifically designed for taking hits from melee damage, such as energy swords. It can even take impact from a gravity hammer although the user will still be ragdolled. They also come with a cloaking setting, although if done the shield will no longer keep out enemy fire. Its advantage to its heavy duty counter part is it weighs no more then a wrist watch.