The Land Lubber King!

"Now, some of you may be thinking "You call that a vehicle? Ha! That's nothing but chunks of a covenant Revenant a jiralhanae prowler and a human warthog combined." If so my reply is "That's because it is you moron". Lol I love you guys.

Yes, those are the ingredients. With all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses they come together to make a new vehicle. I call this "invention" The Land Lubber King. Yes, the land lubber king is destine to dominate all high speed vehicles on land. Plus, it has POWER so it can hover on water, taking the fight to sea, where it will of corse get its butt kicked by actual wet navy forces, but, every opportunity for a edge in a fight is worth such risks. Also yes it does have ghost guns, their retractable. However on land this vehicle will laugh at tanks, yawn at the sight on light air force squadrons, do that raspberry thing at the high speed of ghosts, and can handle terrain better then all known Calvary animal types including moa and mules. With the land lubber king, you will never want to walk again.... That is going to be a regret to the invention one day if evolution is true, but if it is, who cares? that means in the end all achievements will amount to nothing anyway, because one day we are all screwed. Ok topic broken.... Oh and one more thing, you might want to note that the driver seat is in the middle, with passenger seats on the left and right, a gunner seat above, and a gunner seat in the back, basically if Jurassic park 2 poachers made a halo vehicle, this is what its design will be. So yah, 4 passengers 1 driver." Deliberate plagiarism from my own page on D.A.

The land lubber king was invented to replace both the bruit prowler the warthog and the water vehicle cut from game play. This vehicle is designed to dominate land combat and make a minor reach into sea combat. So far it has yet to taste any combat out side of simulation.