Tri Berrel Sawn Off Shotgun.

Based off of human projectile weapons this sawed off shotgun carried by a double pistol brace holster is used by Lord of the Stars and his pirates as a pistol in close quarters. The ammo used include buckshot, tungsten slugs, incendiary rounds that are merely smaller versions of a jiralhanae grenade, flare rounds which as a weaponized flare designed to stick to targets and burn them, EMP rounds designed to break shields ruin electronics and glitch enemy HUDs. And finally the plasma rounds which are like small versions of plasma grenades except they explode on contact or with penetration (depending on if they penetrate) into a great bright light of exploding plasma. Though the mauler already exist and has a higher magazine these are simply designed to be less bulky and easier to fit through the notch of a point defense gauntlet. When reloading the 3 barrels can be lifted like a sliding latch for more shells to be loaded in. When firing the front trigger fires the right barrel, the middle fires the left, and the back trigger fires the middle. Though it lacks precision and has short range this sawed off shotgun is very deadly in close quarters.