Long long long ago when Lord of the Stars's fleet was still small, he wanted a ship that combines the might of both the navies of the UNSC and the COVENANT. This hybrid was the first result. Almost as large as a regular covenant carrier, but swifter and having better turn speed then many ships smaller then it, this unnamed ship has both MAC gun fire power and covenant weapons. It also has 4 cannons similar to that of glassing beam cannons but instead are more remenisant of focus rifles, and are for ship to ship combat. Its other weapons include 380MM mini macs, plasma cannons, practical acceleration cannons, Spartan laser cannons, pulse lasers, giant ship mound shade turrets, and missiles that at maximum rocket range fire off 4 plasma torpedoes to the extent of their range. The interior has the look of a covenant ship in one room, and a human ship in the other. Its engines while yes having both shakfuision drive and covenant drives more then anything has a forerunner power core engine. A attempt to find the best balance. Although it appears the bridge is near the front of the ship at the base of the noise this is really just a look out and observation room, the bridge is really somewhere behind it deep in center of many armor plating walls like that of a covenant ship. It can hold a decent amount of crew and cargo and does a rather fine job boarding other ships. Its grav lift can retract to be aimed and fired at a ship. It only takes about 15 minuets to charge a new slip space portal and it can store the energy to instant open it any time latter.

But sadly this ship has one major flaw, the fact that after all these years, still no one can think of a name for it.

Its only trivia is their is also a version of this ship only 877ft long used as a drone gunship.